Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Conference Wrap-Up...

Well, folks, that's pretty much it. You've gotten my perspective on the SCBWI 35th Annual Summer Conference. I didn't report on everything--the event is just too vast. And I have lots of laundry to catch up on, at the office and at home--one cannot blog all day long (or at least one shouldn't).

I'm still adjusting to being back on eastern standard time. I've got nice bruises on both knees from falling on the escalator at LAX. The stack of books on my nightstand has grown considerably. (They stare at me, mock me --you'll never read us all--[evil laugh]--you'll never read us all.) And boy could I use a pedicure, a massage, and a yoga class.

So, I'm slightly exhausted--but at the same time I'm somehow invigorated. I've been getting email from people I met at the conference. I've been going over my notes, making lists of ideas and people to follow-up with. I've been blabbing about my trip to my co-workers. I can't wait to dive into planning the 2008 CWIM. (Everyone who's queried me, it won't be too much longer...)

And I got some cool news from my fav sales dude Phil yesterday: the 2007 CWIM was my company's bestselling book last week. Thanks for buying it (with its beautiful green cover that somehow looks icky yellow Amazon)--conference-goers and non-conference-goers alike.

In closing:

  • Number of pina coladas I had during the conference: Zero (Sorry Darlene.)
  • Number of people who sent me to the wrong place in LAX: 4
  • Approximate temperature of the Encino room: 56 degrees (and somehow breezy). (Note to self: next time pack pashmina and/or parka.)
  • Approximate amount of sauce on penne, the vegetarian option at the Golden Kite Luncheon: hardly any.
  • Speaker who made me laugh the hardest: Pat Mora (who told a university in need of her cap and gown size for an honorary degree ceremony that she had a 57-inch head).
  • Presenter who made me laugh the most: Candie Moonshower.
  • Number of sessions during which I teared up: 3
  • Number of Kevin Costner movies I watched in my hotel room: one--twice.
  • Approximate price of the breakfast buffet in the Breeze before tip: $19
  • Presenter with best hat: tie--Mo Willems and Bruce Hale.
  • Best conference-goer accessory: the #2.5 pencil that's always behind Kevan Atteberry's ear.
  • Best SCBWIdol Contest shenanigan: unicycling.
  • Number of days until next year's event: way too many.


L. A. Stern said...

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for putting this all on your Blog! I feel like I was there!

I'm looking forward to the next addition of your book.


Linda Stern

AJfullerton said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for keeping us updated. Maybe some year I'll get there.

Jan said...

Cool news on the CWIM 2007 -- I still haven't gotten mine for this year but I keep dropping hints to my husband since my birthday is next week.

And thanks for the notes...I live vicariously.

Jan Fields

kevan said...

Actually, it is a Dixon Ticonderoga 2 5/10 pencil.

Great blog, Alice!! The conference was a total hoot and it was great hanging with you!

kevan atteberry

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