Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Almost Conference Time...

I'm psyching myself up for the my trip to LA tomorrow, and although I have 87 million things to do before I go, I'm getting really excited. Here's my list of conference-related things I'm most excited about:

  • Wearing my hot pink Punk Farm t-shirt.
  • Steve Malk's party at Dutton's bookstore in Beverly Hills (invitation only).
  • Mo Willems! (Love that pigeon.)
  • Working at the Art Portfolio Display with Priscilla Burris and company. (Pretty much my favorite part of the conference--so cool to eavesdrop on editors and art directors talking about portfolios. And some of the art is just fabulous.)
  • A balcony. And a phone in the bathroom. (Yeah, I have a mobile, but it's still cool.)
  • Jane Yolen's keynote address. I've heard her speak many times and she's always wonderful. (Check out her new Writer's Digest Books title Take Joy.)
  • Low humidity and temperatures below 90. (Oh, I cannot wait.)
  • Seeing presenter Hope Vestergaard and my other Michigan author friends. (I missed you all last year.)
  • Regional Advisors--some of the hardest working, most dedicated volunteers on the planet.
  • The costumes at the "Jade Jubilee." Oh the wacky things creative types come up with. (I'm hoping to get some photos.) I have not yet decided on my outfit, but I'm pretty darn sure I own nothing that could be referred to as "jade." (Maybe next year they could have a Black Ball.)
  • Have I mentioned the great pina coladas in the lobby bar?


Disco Mermaids said...

Can't wait to see ya there! And even though I'll be at the conference, I'm still gonna check your blog because there's too much going on not to miss something.

- Jay

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Alice - welcome to the wonderful world of blogs. I love that we are going to be able to read more of you now...and such a fun side of you to boot!

Susan Taylor Brown

AJfullerton said...

Wish I could be there too. Hope you have fun.

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