Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Then I Crashed Lin Oliver's Party...

After the SCBWI conference, there's always a party at Lin Oliver's (very lovely and well-decorated) house (in Beverly Hills that I really want to live in). It's for conference faculty and SCBWI Regional Advisors (and kudos to them--RAs do a lot of work at the conference such as registration and running the bookstore, not to mention all the work they do in their own regions. Double kudos!). I was neither conference faculty nor an SCBWI RA so I wasn't really invited to the conference after-party.

I saw all the conference-party buses leaving as I sat in the lobby bar blogging on my laptop. Agent Steven Malk and his assistant Lindsay Davis were on their way to the party after the buses had rolled out and stopped by my table to ask if I wanted to go with them. I said. "Ah, I wasn't invited. I probably shouldn't go. I'll feel weird," but Steve said it would be OK. (I didn't need all that much art twisting.) So off we went. (Yay!)

Cool party. Lots of fun. Lots of writers and illustrators everywhere. And I was feeling chatty. Here are some pictures.

Author Candie Moonshower with Sam Wasson, who works for SCBWI.

Ventura/Santa Barbara SCBWI RA, author Alexis O'Neill.

Illinois RA, author and writing coach Esther Hershenhorn, talking with Newbery winning author and librarian Susan Patron.

Henry Holt Associate Art Director and illustrator Laurent Linn in conversation. (He was nice enough to hang out with me for a bit.)

A picture of Caldecott winning illustrator David Diaz taking a picture of me taking a picture of him as he stands in front of his painting that graces Lin Oliver's kitchen.


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