Monday, August 20, 2007

In Publishing News Today...

It's being reported that Julie Strauss-Gabel has been promoted from senior editor to associate editorial director at Dutton Children's Books. Here's an short interview with Julie by agent Anna Olswanger (a version of which appeared in the 2004 edition of CWIM on page 146).


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hey, Alice, I'm the girl who waved you down in the lobby mistaking you for Erin Vincent! I felt so stupid! As soon as I saw your name tag I knew who you were because I've been reading your blog the past couple of months, but I was too flustered to actually talk to you! Sometimes I still feel like an awkward teenager when it comes to social interactions!
I've enjoyed your LA posts immensely. Thanks for writing about it! Darn about the Rocky Mountain Bread pudding and yay for crashing Lin's party, tee, hee!
Yes, I got to visit with Erin a couple of times during the weekend and it was great because she and I have a lot in common and it was quite emotional to talk with her. We both lost our parents when we were 14 - I just haven't had the nerve or clear perspective to actually write about it. I'm so glad she did - and her book is brilliant. I gulped it down as soon as I got home. Perhaps someday . . . she's given me the courage to at least try, even if it only becomes a book for myself and my own family. The repercussions from a tragedy of that magnitude follow you the rest of your life in so many ways.
Anyway, next time, let's talk! ;-)

Alice said...

Thanks for the post, Kimberly. I'm so glad you got a chance to talk to Erin. My Dad just died last year, and even at my age it was so tough. I can't imaging losing parents at 14. Wow. I'm looking forward to reading Erin's book. I hope you didn't mind the mistaken-identity blog mention! Next time we'll chat.

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