Monday, June 11, 2007

BEA: Wrap-up (already)...

You're probably tired of reading about it. And although I'm far from being tired of writing about it, this is my last 2007 BEA-related post--my BEA wrap-up.

My observations: Publishers were showing plenty of novels for young readers and I felt like many of the YA novel covers were hard to distinguish from adult titles. Still plenty of chick lit for teen girls, and still a lot of fantasy, adventure and pirate stuff. I also noticed quite a few heavily illustrated mid-grade novels, some almost novel/graphic novel hybrids, with cartoon panels, drawings, letters or other illustrative elements sprinkled throughout. And there weren't lots of picture books being pushed (I only brought home two).

Biggest BEA regret: Not using my ticket to see the Stephen Colbert author breakfast. (I wish those things weren't so darn early) and not getting a blad (a "pre-book" offering just a snippet and showing the Book Layout And Design) signed by Stephen Colbert. The best I could do was a cardboard cutout.

Dennis my Aussie bus driver: As my final BEA photo, I offer Dennis. He was the driver on the my last shuttle bus from Javitz to my hotel. And he told bus jokes (with an accent): "

So a lady holding a baby gets on a bus. The bus driver takes one look at them and exclaims, "Wow, that's one ugly baby!" Shocked, the lady walks to the back of the bus and takes a seat, visibly upset.

"What's wrong?" asked the man in the seat next to her.

"Why, that bus driver just insulted me!," she said. "
I can't believe how awful he was."

"Well you should give him a piece of your mind--tell him you'll report him. He can't get away with that! Go on up and talk to him--I'll hold your monkey."


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