Friday, September 08, 2006

Randomly (the Cleveland Edition)...

  • Rockstar parking times three. I've gotten such great parking spots since I've been here.
  • The hotel has decent cable, HBO even. But boy, is there nothing to do here. The exercise room consists of two treadmills and three sets of dumbbells. The pool smells very chlorine-y and looks nice, but I didn't bring my swimsuit. I wish they let you hang out at the airport when you're not flying. I bet there's bad shopping there, but at least there would be people to look at.
  • It's impossible to not find the airport from any direction. The highway signs have these little airplanes on them. Thank you little airplanes and Mapquest, without which I would be lost pretty much everywhere except my own neighborhood.
  • I'm pretty sure last night I was the only women in the hotel who didn't work here. Dinner: me at the lobby bar with a bunch of men watching football. I had a nice conversation with a young guy who lives in Hollywood, works for the post office, is writing a book on weight loss (writers everywhere!), and used to do stand up comedy, and a guy my age who lives in Wisconsin, sells medical imaging equipment, had on a very nice tie, and ate a formidable burger. We had beers. They were nice. Note to anyone who might dine at the Cleveland Airport Sheraton Hotel: Do not--do not--order the shrimp cocktail. I had to spit it out and send it back. It was wrong. It was food poisoning waiting to happen.
  • On TV pre-breakfast: "Saved by the Bell: The College Years." I don't know why they only made 18 episodes. Oh that goofy Screech! Oh that Kelly Kapowski and her fabulous early '90s outfits! Oh that Zack Morris, he still never learns! Favorite line: "I'm living in a Tom & Jerry cartoon."
The SCBWI conference officially begins in eight hours (at which time, there will be plenty of other women milling about, and no football).


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