Monday, July 28, 2008

Call for Debut Authors for the 2010 CWIM...

The 2009 CWIM is now in the stores, so I'm beginning to work on my lineup for the 2010 edition--which means I'm looking for a few debut authors and/or illustrators to feature in my annual First Books article!

Picking my lineup for First Books is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. It's so much fun to hear from first-timers--and so hard to choose just four or five. (I often come up with a theme based on the types of replies I've gotten, which helps me narrow it down. First Books in the 2009 CWIM, for example, features all debut picture books.)

If you are interested in being featured in First Books, here are the rules and guidelines:

  1. Email me at, subject line "First Books."
  2. Tell me about your debut book including the title, publisher, genre and approximate publication date.
  3. The book must be available in some form by November (so it can be read before you're interviewed).
  4. A cover image must be available by January 2009 (because I don't want to feature a book without showing the cover).
  5. Please include links to your website or blog if you have one.
  6. No self-published books please.
  7. Tell me something fun/interesting/exciting/unusual/inspiring about you/your book/your path to publication.
  8. E-mails must be received by August 8th. (I'll begin reading through them when I get back from the SCBWI conference.)
  9. I'll be in touch with those I've chosen by the third full week of August; otherwise you likely will not hear from me--I simply don't have time to contact everyone, although I wish I could. (I may acknowledge receipt of emails, however, depending on how busy I am and/or how much I do or do not feel like doing other work.)
  10. Debut authors not chosen to be featured in First Books could be chosen as Debut Authors of the Month, featured in my CWIM newsletter and blog throughout the year.


Pam said...

Hi there Alice,
Is it acceptable to provide final edited copy as a Word doc, or do you want a bound publisher's copy by November?

SCBWI said...

I've been known to read a Word doc if necessary. I try to be as flexible as I can!

And I've been enjoying all the emails from debut authors! I'm looking forward to opening my inbox tomorrow morning.