Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walker Clarification! Cuts in U.K. Not U.S....

It seems I posted in haste (note to self: pay close attention, even on Friday) and misunderstood the PW Children's Bookshelf report on cuts at Walker. According to Diane Roback, Bookshelf editor:

"Our story ran under the "News from London" header. Walker Books is a U.K. company, and has NO affliation with Walker & Company here in the U.S. So your blog post is misleading, and would have people think the cutbacks are for the U.S. company, which they are not."

I've edited the post below and apologize for the confusion. There will not be job cuts at Walker & Company in the U.S.

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Poetmomskas said...

Did you notice your pun? "Post haste."

Sometimes when you are in a rush, the funniest stuff comes out!