Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Do People Read and Buy Books?...

Publishers Lunch reported on a Random House/Zogby survey which "explores how and where readers shop, what makes them buy, and their reading and book-buying habits." Click here to read the results. It's interesting and is making me think about my own reading and buying habits. (I particularly liked the question about what book you'd recommend to the next President if s/he called you at a 3 a.m. asking for an I-can't-sleep book suggestion.)

Here is part of the Publishers Lunch rundown:

Zogby International released results from a nationwide online survey of the reading and book-buying habits of over 8,000 representative adults, commissioned by Random House (which will publish a book with Zogby later this year). The overall portrait shows Americans as light readers and book purchasers (half buy fewer than 10 books a year; just 14 percent buy more than 20 a year for themselves) who are highly unlikely to buy an e-reading device (3 percent own one; 4 percent plan to buy); more influenced to buy a book by public radio (15 percent) than Jon Stewart (8 percent) who still rans above Oprah Winfrey (5 percent); light sellers of their books when finished with them (only 3 percent do so) and big online customers (more people buy often online, 43 percent, than anywhere else, including chains, at 32 percent) at Amazon in particular--which 66 percent named as online retailer they frequent (with the failed drawing an insignificant response).

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