Friday, May 02, 2008

Hey--How About Signing Up for My Newsletter?...

In case you haven't seen it mentioned here before, I send a (pretty much) monthly CWIM email newsletter. Each edition features my Debut Author of the Month. Other recurring features include exclusive interviews with authors and agents, updates of market listings, conference news, book mentions, and other things I feel like talking about.

Many of the short features in my newsletters link to full stories here on my blog. So if you read my blog, why sign up? Because (1) all the newsletter info doesn't make it to my blog and (2) the CWIM newsletter will be a nice and not-frequent-enough-to-bug you reminder to visit my blog (when there's really good stuff here) just in case you forget.

Click here to subscribe. I've got a newsletter going out next week that includes an interview with a new agent along with my DAotM, conference news and more. And I have some exciting (at least to me) stuff planned for upcoming editions. Plus there are always lots of picture and links.

Be sure to visit my blog next week for some good newsletter-related posts.

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❀ Stacy DeKeyser said...

I've been getting your newsletter for a couple of months and it's great! Thanks!