Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Like This--You Should Visit (An Ongoing Series)...

Welcome to the first installment of I Like This--You Should Visit, an ongoing series I just thought of. Periodically in this space I'll tell you about an author's or an illustrator's website or blog that I think is worth a click.

Today it's the website of YA author Maureen Johnson. Her site is great looking and really easy to navigate. There's just the right amount of text on her pages (some people go on and on and on). And I think the way her books are showcased is just fabulous. Visit!

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Ginger*:) said...

Alice, thank you for all the wonderful information and insight on your blog. "I like this" is an interesting feature. I enjoyed visiting all parts of your blog, and as a newcomer to the children's book illustration field have found the CWIM Market one of the most valuable additions to my professional bookshelf.

Ginger *:)