Friday, August 04, 2006

They Will Survive...

After a witty-as-usual introduction by Lin Oliver, we were introduced to the conference faculty who processed in accompanied by a Gloria Gaynor disco anthem. Each member of the facutly stepped to the microphone and uttered just one word (an SCBWI opening ceremonies tradition). Among my favorites: chocolate, diversity, intention, surreal, breathe, vote, pressure, kegger, busty, craft, sold and tardy (for the not-yet-arrived Arthur Levine). We're all supposed to think of a word for our name tags for an ice-breaker event later--I'm open to suggestions.

As usual Lin gave the breakdown of the conference-goers: 646 women, 118 men, 26 "unknown," 298 published, from 44 states and a number of countries including Germany, Japan and Australia.

There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air. And, I'm happy to report, the brand new 2007 CWIM in the bookstore.

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