Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh Those Quirky Writers...

I found this link in the MBToolbox at mediabistro and thought you all might enjoy it reading about the alleged weird habits and rituals of famous authors (as assembled by writer Judy Reeves).

Do you have any weird writing-related rituals? Me? All my writing rituals seem more like thinly-veiled procrastination rituals--scattering papers and writing things in the corners; discussing projects with my co-workers; walking about the building; looking at websites; blogging. But I guess while I'm doing all this stuff things are sort of jelling in my head. Usually by the time I actually start typing, I'm pretty close to a really good draft. But the toughest part is just getting started. For me, writing will always fall into the toughest-jobs-you'll-ever-love category--sometimes I find it just painful, but when it's going well it's a joy.

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