Monday, July 13, 2009

Writer's Digest Debuts New Blog, Promptly...

Kicking off today, Promptly is a new blog from Writer's Digest magazine hosted by managing editor Zachary Petit. He'll offer prompts three times a week to get your writing wheels turning. Participants are invited and encouraged to post prompt-inspired pieces--and there are prizes.

Here are more details swiped from Zac's debut post:

I’ll post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week, offering flash-fiction prompts, activities, writing-grub-for-thought and maybe even some Q&As—in addition to some positive reinforcement. Prompts can be had Dine In or Carry Out. If you write and post up to 500 words from your responses in the comments section of the blog here—which is the ideal path, so other writers can absorb and play off your inspiration—I (if we haven't met before, I work as the managing editor at Writer’s Digest magazine) and a guest WD judge will pick a favorite post every month for some around-the-office writing swag. Think books, magazines and so on, and expect an array of prompts—from traditional ones to reverse-style prompts and even photo prompts.
Click here to visit Promptly.


JeannetteLS said...

Thanks for this! Your blog is extremely useful, and I am frequently enjoying some of the blogs you follow.

Vodka Mom said...

That is cool- I will HAVE to check it out.

I just bought a Writer's Digest book today- the one on How to Write a Book Proposal.

Wish me luck.