Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two New Agents Added to Barry Goldblatt Literary...

Barry Goldblatt at Barry Goldblatt Literary was recently joined by two new agents, Beth Fleisher and Joe Monti.

The agency's relaunched website includes bios for
the staff, submission guidelines, and info on their authors (who include, among many others, Holly Black, Libba Bray, Cecil Castelluci, Cassandra Clare, Carolyn Crimi, Julia Durango, Shannon Hale, Jo Knowles, Lauren Myracle and Tim Wynne-Jones).

A bit from Beth Fleisher's bio:

"I'm particularly interested in finding new voices in middle grade and young adult fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, historicals and action adventure as well as select children's and adult non-fiction. I welcome both prose and graphic novel formats."
A bit from Joe Monti's bio:
"As an agent I'll be focusing on children's and young adult, or teen literature, as well as some adult genre fiction. I'm also interested in working with folks who are writer-artists of graphic works, from graphic novels to picture books. Specifically I love work that breaks new ground, a work that is subversive or enlightening by utilizing a different approach."

Here's the CWIM listing for Barry Goldblatt Literary, updated yesterday by Barry.

BARRY GOLDBLATT LITERARY LLC 320 Seventh Ave., #266, Brooklyn NY 11215. (718)832-8787. Fax: (718)832-5558. Website: Estab. 2000. Member of AAR, SCBWI. Staff includes: Barry Goldblatt, Beth Fleisher and Joe Monti. Represents 95% juvenile and young adult books. Considers picture books, graphic novels, fiction, nonfiction, middle grade and young adult.

How to Contact
"Please see our website for specific submission guidelines and information on agents' particular tastes." Obtains clients through referrals, queries, and conferences.

Recent Sales
The Infernal Devices trilogy, by Cassandra Clare; Clappy as a Ham, by Michael Ian Black; Pearl, by Jo Knowles

Terms receives 15% commission on domestic sales; 20% on foreign and dramatic sales. Offers written contract. 60 days notice must be given to terminate contract.

Tips "We're a group of hands-on agents, with wide ranging interests. Get us hooked with a great query letter, then convince us with an unforgettable manuscript."


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