Wednesday, April 25, 2007


  • Bluegrass Festival: Our panels at the Bluegrass Festival of Books went very well. At 3 hours each, we were worried about filling up the time, but there are a lot of writers with a lot of great questions in the Lexington area. Our discussions were lively and interesting (at least from where I sat) and there were still many hands going up as we ended the programs. (Greg the Publicity Guy took some pictures of the event, but I look weird in all of them, so no photos on my blog.)
  • Book Sense Picks: I have a copy of the Book Sense Picks, Children's Spring 2007 list here on my desk. Sadly, I have not read a single book on the list. Happily, it's spring--more daylight, lots of reruns on TV, some upcoming airplane time. It's Reading Season! Look for the Book Sense list at your local independent bookseller.
  • Central Ohio Conference: I'm headed to Columbus, OH (or as we in the 'Nati like to call it, the 'Lumbus) on Saturday for the Central Ohio Writer's of Literature for Children Conference, and I'm getting quite excited about my Powerpoint presentation. (Please send no-technical-difficulty thoughts toward central Ohio around 2-ish on April 28.) I'll be talking about promoting yourself on the Web.
  • '08 CWIM: It's pretty close to going to the printer, folks. And I have to say this edition is really the best one ever. Soon, I'll post some teasers! (Right now I'm looking through Writer's Market and Guide to Literary Agents. New GLA editor Chuck did a bang-up job on the 2008 edition. Those books hit stores in early August along with CWIM.)
  • It's raining. Again: After a few glorious days here in the 'Nati, it's once again gray and gloomy outside. But it' s not so bad since I've been doing some season-appropriate shopping recently and I have a great new trench and the coolest pair of red wedge rain boots. (One of these days I'll start my fashion blog with tips on how to shop for the chic on an editor's salary without making your husband divorce you and/or cut up your AmEx.)
  • Angry Robot Dogs: Murray, who is now well past 2 1/2, woke up several times last night crying and he told me there were some angry robot dogs roaming about and they were scary. Just wanted to give you all the heads up.


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