Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alice's April Mini-Tour...

I'm hitting the road the last two Saturdays of April. Here's the scoop:

  • Saturday April 21--Bluegrass Festival of Books. I'm heading to Lexington, KY to do a workshop on writing and getting published along with two wonderful and knowledgeable Writer's Digest Books editors, Lauren Mosko and Kelly Nickell. Tickets are still available for this event. We'll be doing two three-hour sessions, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. (And we have to get up ridiculously early, but Greg the Publicity Guy is driving us, so we can nap in the car on the way.) There are also a slew of other authors offering sessions on lots of topics including a young adult author panel. Unfortunately the lunch with Paula Deen is sold out. (I think just being in the same room with her would make my pants feel snug--that woman loves to cook with the butter.)
  • Saturday April 28--Central Ohio Writers of Literature for Children conference. I head to Columbus, OH for this event to do an afternoon session entitled "Promoting Your Work Online." I'll give some tips on creating an online presence with some examples of authors and illustrators who have done it well, and discuss blogging, listservs, online social networking and other things. And I'll even have some Power Point visuals (as long as I don't experience any technical difficulties).
If you are in the Lexington or 'Lumbus area, sign up for an event--what better way to spend a Saturday than talking about books and writing. I'll be posting some photos and a report from each a event so please visit my blog again soon.


nowheymama said...

Oh, sure. I lived in Lexington for five years and never heard about stuff like this. Now I'm in PA and you're there all the time! Ok, twice. But still. ;) Hope it all goes well.

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