Thursday, November 19, 2009

Queries Wanted for Upcoming Novel & Short Story Writer's Market...

Besides CWIM, there are a few million other exciting things I work on in the WD Community. One of them is editing Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, CWIM's sister publication solely for fiction writers.

I'm currently planning the lineup for the 2011 edition, and I'm looking for queries for articles and interviews for NSSWM. The articles are broken up into these categories:

  • The Writing Life
  • Craft & Technique
  • Getting Published
  • For Mystery Writers
  • For Romance Writers
  • For Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Writers

I'm most in need of material for the genre sections, but open to queries for all. I've also go a few spots to fill in our annual "Premier Voices" feature for which we interview debut fiction writers, so if you're a first-time novelist, I'd love to hear from you as well.

If you'd be interested in writing for me, email me at with your ideas.


the oldguey said...

Hello Alice,
There is nothing so frightening than to hear the wail of the banshee or a writer who just lost their work to a computer glitch. The first can not be vanquished, but loosing work can. I have posted several blogs as a warning and solution to saving one's work. There are several resources available, and they are free. I would like to draft a short piece for the up-coming Writer's Digest directory to help dispel this unnecessary writer's anguish.
Sean O'Mordha

IAMazon said...

Hi Alice! I am an aspiring children's book writer/illustrator. I cannot wait to buy your book after work today! This is a link to my book dummy I am hoping for good things to come! Thanks for putting together this children's book "bible"
~Jennifer Pastecchi

Justice Publishing Inc said...

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bernthis said...

Humor writing gets little attention and yet so many yearn to know how to make others laugh with their writing and to capture their inner comedian. I would be very interested in talking with you about including humor as a part of your Craft and Technique section.