Tuesday, April 01, 2008

readergirlz and YALSA's Operation Teen Book Drop...

If you' don't get readergirlz newslettter, you may not have heard about Operation Teen Book Drop. readergirlz (YA authors Dia Calhoun, Lorie Ann Grover, Justina Chen Headley and Mitali Perkinshave) have teamed with YALSA "to build awareness for April 17, 2008, Support Teen Literature Day" and organized Operation TBD: "a massive, coordinated release of 10,000 publisher-donated YA books into the top pediatric hospitals across the country."

readergirlz invites others to celebrate Support Teen Lit Day with them. Here are their suggestions:

  • Download a readergirlz/YALSA bookplate for Operation TBD found on the readergirlz website.
  • Blog and bulletin about Operation TBD and your upcoming participation, and place the "I Rock the Drop" icon on your site.
  • Announce your participation by joining the readergirlz MySpace group forum and posting on the TBD threads.
  • On April 17th, leave one copy of a YA novel in a teen gathering spot in your community. Place it where the book will be found, taken, and read (i.e. a coffee shop, the park, a community center, a bus stop.) And make sure you've placed an Operation TBD bookplate inside!
  • Party with the readergirlz and YA authors on their online two-hour book bash hosted at the readergirlz MySpace forum on April 17th from 6-8pm PDT/9-11pm EDT. You can win books and prizes, chat with other book lovers, and celebrate literacy.


Little Willow said...

Thank you SO much for supporting Operation TBD, Alice!

readergirlz said...

ALICE! It's been so long since we had dinner together! Do you remember?

Thanks so much for supporting rgz and Operation TBD! We appreciate you getting the word out.

I hope you are well. Until we dine again...

Lorie Ann Grover, readergirlz diva/author

mbpbooks said...

I love the label you gave me in this post -- MITALIPERKINSHAVE. At a quick glance, it can be a subliminal message to bookstores and libraries or a big reminder to me about personal hygiene.

Anyway, thanks for celebrating Operation TBD with us! We are SO excited.