Friday, February 15, 2008

New Agent Info: Greenhouse Literary Agency...

As mentioned in my recent newsletter (click here to sign up) here's information for Sarah Davies' new agency:

11308 Lapham Drive, Oakton VA 22124. E-mail: Web site: Contact: Sarah Davies. New agency actively seeking clients. Seeking both new and established writers. Estab. 2008. Member of SCBWI. Represents 4 clients. 100% new writers. 100% books for young readers. Staff includes Sarah Davies.
  • Sarah Davis has had an editorial and management career in children's publishing spanning 25 years; for 5 years prior to launching the Greenhouse she was Publishing Director of Macmillan Children's Books in London, working with and publishing leading authors from both sided of the Atlantic.
Represents Handles fiction, middle grade, young adult. "Sarah Davies (who is British) represents authors personally to both the USA and UK, and the Greenhouse has offices in both countries. Commission structure reflects this as the agency takes the same commission for both the USA and UK, treating both as the ‘domestic’ market. Foreign rights are sold by Rights People (a separate business but also part of the Greenhouse’s parent company), a dedicated team of rights-selling experts with a fast-growing international track record. This means sub-agents are rarely used, giving the agency an exceptionally cohesive presence around the world and a truly global reach. Davies has a strong editorial background and is able, as necessary, to work creatively with authors in a very hands-on way to help them reach submission point." Actively seeking children's and YA fiction of all kinds, from age 5+ (post picture book) through teen and crossover. Does not seek "nonfiction, poetry or picture books (text or illustration). However, if a client diversified from children's fiction into other areas, then the Greenhouse would continue to represent the author, whatever the age group or genre of work. The agency represents authors, not books."

How to Contact
Send a one-paragraph outline and biography, plus 3 sample chapters. Accepts queries by e-mail, mail. "Allow 6 weeks for a response to initial material. Check Web site before submitting." Returns mss with SASE only. Obtains new clients through recommendations from other, queries/solicitations, conference.

Terms Receives 15% commission on sales to both US and UK; 25% on foreign sales. Offers written contract.Sarah Davies attends Bologna Children's Bookfair in Bologna, Italy; SCBWI conferences; BookExpo America; and other conference--see Web site for information.

Tips "It’s very important to me to have a strong, long-term relationship with clients. Having been 25 years in the publishing industry, I know the business from the inside and have excellent contacts in both the US and UK. I work hard to find every client the very best publisher and deal for their writing. My editorial background means I can work creatively with authors where necessary; I aim to submit high-quality manuscripts to publishers while respecting the role of the editor who will have their own publishing vision. Before submitting, prospective authors should look at the Greenhouse’s ‘Top 10 tips for authors of children’s fiction,’ which can be found on our Web site."


Ada [The Duchess] said...

Excellent stuff!

Thank you very much indeed Alice.

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