Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SCBWI Winter Conference Registration Is Open (Sigh)...

I just received the brochure for SCBWI's 9th Annual Winter Conference on Writing & Illustrating for Children held in NYC February 8-10, 2008. Why the Sigh, you say? Because I'm not going--it's not in my travel budget. (Everyone keep your fingers crossed that my budget is approved for the August LA event. I want to be there and be blogging.)

I know New York in February is generally not all that pleasant. But somehow attending the Winter Conference warms one up! This year's event includes keynotes addresses by Nikki Grimes, Carolyn Mackler, Susan Patron (of Newbery/ "scrotum" fame), Richard Peck and David Wiesner. There are also breakouts with editors the likes of David Gale (S&S), Jennifer Hunt (Little, Brown) and Mark McVeigh (Aladdin). And they offer pre-conference extensives for both illustrators and writers. Lot and lots of children's publishing industry-related fun! (That I will miss.)

SCBWI, if you're reading this and you want to let me come for free, I wouldn't turn you down. And I'd bring lots and lots of door prizes!

I hope lots of you can go and tell me all about it.


gail said...

I'm sighing right along with you. And crossing my fingers for LA! Sometimes I read the schedule anyway and plan out my day IF I were going.


Mac McCool said...

How tempting, I know. Still thinking about it (even if last year's February in New York was down right skull-cracking cold!). L.A.? Yes! Fingers crossed!!

Donna McDine said...

Hi Alice...I live 20 minutes outside of NYC and will be attending the conference in February. Attended yesterday and loved every minute of it. I will definitely report back to you on the days events. I will also be attending the Writer's Intensive on Friday.

Happy Holidays!

Warm regards,
Donna McDine

Donna McDine said...

Hi Alice...Donna again...meant to say I attended last year not yesterday...Christmas preparations and my daughter's b-day has me not thinking straight.


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