Wednesday, September 05, 2007


First Books candidates.
I've heard from many many debut authors. You all certainly don't make it easy for me what with your great titles, websites, sample chapters, and interesting tales of how you got your first book contract. I want to read all your books and interview all of you! Alas, I cannot. I'm re-reading all my First Books emails and deciding on my lineup this week. Those of you who contacted me last Friday (or past my deadline) may not have gotten replies from me since I was out of the office for an extra-long holiday weekend. Rest assured that I'm still considering you for the article even if you didn't hear from me.

My second newsletter will email this Friday. If you haven't signed up, click here.

Market Books giveaway.
Writer Unboxed is awarding a complete set of Market Books to one lucky winner: CWIM, Guide to Literary Agents, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, Writer's Market and Poet's Market. Visit the blog to read about their contest.

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