Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Become a Writer's Digest VIP (and Join Our New WD Community)...

I'm a shopper and I love a bargain, especially if it's for something I wanted to buy anyway (like books and shoes). That's why I think our new Writer's Digest VIP program (which just kicked off yesterday) is a pretty sweet deal--lots of good stuff for not much money.

For $49.95 you get a one-year subscription to both (which now includes all the info from CWIM) and Writer’s Digest magazine, plus you also get a free webinar recording (which is usually $99), 10% off WOW courses, and 10% off all WD Shop purchases.

If you do the math, it could normally cost up to $198.80 so you can save $148.85. (The best part about finding a bargain is figuring out how much you save.)

Click here to visit the WD Shop and learn more about becoming a WD VIP.

Here's something else new: We've also just launched the Writer's Digest Community on Ning. Stop by, join, and become my friend. (I only have 79 so far. I want more. One can't have too many friends, too many books, or too many pairs of shoes.)

Visit Writer's Digest Community


Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

I signed up yesterday. It is a really good value and I'm sure I'll learn a lot. I've always trusted Writer's Digest since the strictly magazine days when I was a young aspiring writer.

Vodka Mom said...

if you throw in a Children Writers and Illustrators Market - I'm in.

eda said...