Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Limerick Day!...

After a week of busy busy followed by another week of busy busy I've almost forgotten about blogging. (And answering emails. And returning phone calls. And using the ladies room...)

Today, however, my dear eldest brother (who keeps up on such things) told me it's Limerick Day and, being quite the fan of Edward Lear, I certainly can't pass up a chance to write and post some sing-songy bad rhyming poetry. Here is a limerick by yours truly about yours truly:

There once was an editor fair
With blue skin and ebony hair
She made lots of books

She was into her looks

And her butt always stayed in the chair.

Limericks really are infectious. Read a few of Lear's and the rhythm will soon be playing in your head like a bad pop song.

Hope you all have some Edward Lear volumes on your shelves--grab them, read some limericks aloud and have a cupcake. Or write a limerick about cupcakes:

On Mondays we all eat cupcakes
That our co-worker lovingly bakes
They don't cost us a penny
So we scarf down too many
Then all suffer bad tummy aches

I expect you all to comment in Limerick form.


Nels said...

An ode to my nephew!

There once was a boy named Murray
Who did everything in a hurry
A really bright tike
Transformers he liked
He could switch them around in a flurry

JoAnn Early Macken said...

An overworked writer who teaches
learned that not all her students were peaches
She said, "Watch what you do
or I'll write about you."
Now she practices just what she preaches.

Theresa Wiza said...

There once was a blogger named Alice
Who blogged in the blogger field palace
She wrote quite a lot
On a place called blogspot
And in Digested form without malice.

Terri Dunham said...

This house is a zoo
said the blue kangaroo
as she put away shoes
and twenty-three ski-doos.
Then to the moon she flew.

Jill Corcoran said...

I want to play:)

A warthog extended a treat,
A platter of pickled pig's feet.
But on my first bite
He squealed out in fright.
His leg was attached to my meat.
by Jill Corcoran

myteek said...

I know what you mean about busy
life sometimes can make us quite dizzy
But it’s important to pee
take time out just for thee
Lest your bladder explode in a tizzy

Sheila Deeth said...

Oh very nice. I'd never heard of Limerick Day.

My husband's at home with the flu.
My son's at home studying too.
I've been to the store
Done the washing and more
and they ask me "So what do you do?"

jo_swartz said...

A flame of fire as hair,
Her quest - that rarified air,
to be in print
and have quite a stint
as a picture book writer with flair.

Mabel said...


There was a young lady named Mabel
who hated setting the table.
She twisted the forks
into one-legged storks
and now she lives down in the stable.


Lee Wind said...

"The Jewish Pirate"

Each limerick produced an "oy-vey!"
'cause he knew he'd be spending all day
thinking of rhymes
counting those limes
Until "Aaaarrggh!" was all he could say.

Anonymous said...