Friday, February 01, 2008

Children's Authors and Illustrators Week...

There's an exciting event coming up, and I'm not talking about the Super Bowl. (Go Patriots! Actually I don't really care who wins, although an undefeated season sounds kinda fun. I'm just excited about the Big Sandwich--vegetarian for me--and the guacamole.)

I'm talking about Children's Authors and Illustrators Week which my loves-to-send-me-links brother clued me in on. Why is this not on my Madeline calendar in my office?

I love the idea of a week devoted to creators of book for young readers visiting those readers. Here's what the California-based Children's Authors Network says about CAIW:

During this annual event, acclaimed authors and illustrators from Children’s Authors Network (CAN!) visit schools, libraries, and children’s shelters all over the country. Lively storytelling, fascinating presentations, and hands-on writing workshops make books spring to life, and inspire a life-long love of reading and writing.
I say we turn CAIW into a national holiday! Even if you just heard about CAIW, you can still celebrate in your own way. Visit a bookstore or a library with some tiny little readers. Start a new YA novel on Monday. Devote next week to mailing out your own manuscripts. (Make a Big Sandwich in the shape of J.K. Rowling.)


Becky Levine said...

This is so great. I had no idea, but--super-coincidentally--I'm giving my first school talk on Wednesday. I love getting to be part of this!

Alice, just wanted to say, "hi," too. I'm going to be at the Mad Anthony Conference, doing a panel with you and Hallie Ephron in the afternoon. I've started reading your blog lately & it's wonderful. Thanks for all the info you put up here.

See you in April!

Becky Levine

mr chompchomp said...
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mr chompchomp said...

Thanks for this. I'm going to celebrate by working on my novel and reading to my kids. It's also a good week to try out my new blog about children's literature. If you have visited yet (and I know that you haven't :)), celebrate Children's Authors and Illustrators Week by stopping by

Genevieve said...

Thanks for the information! What day do we do the sandwich thing? I'm telling my hubs he has to read to me all week at bedtime. I support anything promoted by a woman who has a madeleine calendar (and a fellow vegetarian!!!!)!!!! (That's correct punctuation.)

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