Thursday, May 24, 2007

Important BEA Prep: Footwear...

I leave for New York for the BookExpo America on Tuesday. I've got my materials together, contacted people about meeting up, figured out my schedule, and geared up for the conference. I've even planned all my outfits. Except the shoes. I've admitted before in this space that I have a shoe problem. I've got many many shoes. Many many. Some are wearing to work shoes. Some are going out to dinner shoes. Some are going to the park or grocery store shoes. None, however, are walking around BEA/walking around New York shoes.

I ran to the mall at lunchtime and purchased potential New York shoes #5 and #6. I've taken two pairs back, decided one pair is strictly park/grocery store, and one is TBD (unworn, receipt in box--comfy, but I'm not sure if they're cute). I just cannot spend six days wearing cruel shoes. No matter how many free books I get, it's not nearly as fun if my dogs are barking. How do New Yorkers (and my friend Suzanne with her adorable high heel wardrobe) do it? I recently read an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker (who, by the way, is from the Nati), and she said she often runs into fans around New York and they always check out her shoes and are disappointed to find she's in flip flops instead of 4-inch Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Once I solve my shoe dilemma, I'll be ready to go. Don't forget to visit my blog for updates on BEA including lots of pictures.


Julie Campbell said...

I feel for you, Alice! I went to BEA in Chicago a few years ago, and had the same dilemma. Go for comfort, girlfriend. Lugging around a boatload of books is pain enough -- you don't want to deal with barking dogs, too. Although, these days, you could probably do both fashion and comfort with a cute wedge (not too high) sandal or something like it. Just my 2 cents.

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