Monday, March 12, 2007

Since I Last Blogged: An Update...

It's been a busy and at somewhat eventful 11 days since I last posted. Here's what I've been up to:

  • Friday 3/2: Off work. Not particularly busy or eventful. Slept late, hung out with mom. Getting over an annoying head cold. (If you're keeping score of Alice's ailments in 2007--stomach flu, regular flu, pink eye, hives, head cold.)
  • Saturday 3/3: My birthday. I am now 39. (I just typed I am not 39. Freudian slip, anyone?) Husband gave me a full schedule of spa, shopping, dinner. A lot of activity in one day for a woman my age.
  • Sunday 3/4: Recover from birthday.
  • Monday 3/5: Working on "First Books." Writing is hard, oh so hard. Brain tired. Pinkie finger on right hand sore from hitting shift key. I need a pinkie massage specialist.
  • Tuesday 3/6: Working on "First Books." Writing is fun, oh so fun! It just flowed out of me like I opened a vein. I love days when that happens.
  • Wednesday 3/7: Working on "First Books." Writing still fun!
  • Thursday 3/8: I bet writing would have been fun today, but no one let me. Meetings most of the day. Spent the afternoon sending emails to publishers who have not yet verified their listings. (You know who you are--I've emailed you all like five times already. Throw me a bone, people.) Tedious yet effective. I have missed "First Books" deadline, but that's OK. One fun meeting--market books covers are approved. 2008 CWIM is two-tone purple. With a fish on it. Sounds odd, but it looks really cool. I love it. Great job, Josh the co-op!
  • Friday 3/9: Off work. Belated birthday fun with best pal Suzanne. Lunch, shoe shopping, facial (so I don't look 39. Wow are my pores clean!) Evening was yoga class and a What Not to Wear marathon.
  • Saturday 3/10: Lunch with my third cousin once removed, Elizabeth, who I'd not met until today. We had lunch at my favorite very vegetarian-friendly restaurant near the college. She is an aspiring writer and illustrator. Saw her portfolio. Lots of potential--I really liked her style. (It's always a tense moment when someone is pulling out her portfolio. I'm always afraid I'll hate it and I won't know what to say. But hers was good. Some nice work in pastels with interesting perspectives. Really dug it.) Went to moveis. Review: Don't spend 9 bucks to see Music and Lyrics even if you like the idea of Hugh Grant in tight pants. Really bad movie.
  • Sunday 3/11: It was sunny! Wore flip flops. Visited my brother. Murray wouldn't nap and did not seem to care that I wanted to nap. Watched several episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse. (I think my husband has a crush on Miss Yvonne.) Everyone is grumpy from the early springing forward business.
  • Today: Still grumpy (and sleep deprived) from the early springing forward business. Hope writing will be fun today, but I'm not hopeful. I'll probably continue with the tedious-yet-effective email campaign instead. I shouldn't write when I'm grumpy. It is supposed to be in the mid 60s and sunny today, but it was 33 degrees this morning. Left the house in my new really cute wedge sandals and went right back inside to put on boots. Grumpy with cold feet is not the way to go on a Monday.


Jan said...

I have NOT enjoyed spring forward...I didn't enjoy it when it came at the RIGHT time and I certainly don't enjoy seeing it early. Plus, I have a chest cold, and dragging out of the bed in practically the middle of the night is poopy. Birthday.

Jan Fields

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