Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Writing: It's Hard...

So here I am, blogging to avoid writing articles as my deadline looms. Every time I stare at a blank screen I wonder how you all do it on a regular basis. Every time I finish a great novel I'm amazed that the author had the dedication to start writing and keep writing and go through the whole publishing process, and then they want to do it all over again. I admire writers.

I guess I'm blogging more to warm up than to avoid. I need my fingers on they keys typing coherent sentences to get myself in the groove. Then suddenly, I'll get back to the piece I'm working on and things will start flowing (at least that's my plan). Some days it's like pulling teeth. Some days it's a walk in the park. Some days it's a walk in a snowy park in below freezing weather. (We just got a lot of snow here in the 'Nati and winter is still very much annoying me.)

Now I'll head back to Word and keep on typing.


Sarah said...


I recently discovered a link to your blog on Harold Underdown's site, and I've been busy reading all of your past posts. Great blog! You've inspired me to round up some new reading material.

Terry Pierce said...

Hi Alice,

I think the feeling is mutual. I love the CWIM and have relied on it for years for great writing and publishing information (not just publisher listings). Every time I read the latest edition, I always sit back and think, Wow! How can she compile SO MUCH valuable information for us writers, year after year? She's amazing! Thanks again!

Donna J. Shepherd said...

I'm near Cincinnati myself, and thought I would get loads of work done while being trapped inside by ice and snow. Instead my schedule has been turned upside down. Oh, well...I'm like you, once I get to typing, I get on a roll. It's the getting started that's key.

Anonymous said...

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